Anatoli Benchev – Biography

Anatoli BenchevAnatoli Benchev – Bulgarian musician, keyboard and bagpipe player, arranger, session musician, coauthor of the platform BFMNM. He is born in a small town in Northern Bulgaria. Nowadays lives in Sofia.
Anatoli heir his affinity to music art from his father – Bencho Benchev. He was an accordion player and over 20 years worked as a personal musician of the country leader Todor Jivkov. Anatoli studied at National School of Folk Art “Filip Koutev” – Kotel, playing gaida (bagpipe) and accordion. After school, he starts to play keyboard and works with different bands. He is focusing in Bulgarian folk music for more than 25 years. His repertoire also includes Serbian, Greek, Macedonian and Gipsy music.
Since 1996, he is a member of “Bulgarian Music Company”, working as a music producer of the albums of a different Bulgarian singers and bands. In addition, he is making arrangements and works at sound recording studios.
Although he is working in the field of traditional art, Anatoli is interested also of different music styles like: Pop, Jazz, Funk and other. He starts to play that kind of music since 2005. Now he is a session musician and works in partnership with different record studios.
The last 30 years, parallel with all his engagements, he has never quit playing at different events (weddings, anniversaries, proms, corporate celebrations and other). The last 4 years Anatoli Benchev works as a keyboard player in different piano bars all around the country, where he performs Pop, Rock, Latin, Italian, French, Russian and Bulgarian pop music.
At the moment of creating the platform Bulgarian Folk Music for Non-folkloric Musicians he is 43 years old, looking to realization of his new ideas.

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