The first online course of the section BgEthnoLab for Bulgarian instrumental music is here and ready to use! You should start with these basic steps. It is very important to do not miss it. Other way, you may not succeed moving ahead with you training proses in Bulgarian Folk Music. Before stepping up to it, scroll down this page and see what you receive. Furthermore, you may check all the information in the section Beginners. Enjoy your training!

bulgarian instrumental music

What you receive?

With Bulgarian instrumental music online course, you will be able to master:

  • Five basic ornaments – typical for Bulgarian folk music
  • Three different odd meters– 7/16, 9/16, 11/16
  • Six full compositions

In addition, you get:

  • 41 technical exercises –developed exclusively for this course
  • Note examples
  • Sound examples
  • Theoretical explanations of the specific elements
  • FREE download MUSIC WORKBOOK 1
  • Access on all your devises
  • Unlimited period access



PRICE:    € 340 (- 25%)
Standart price:     € 450
/full course one-off price/

More about the instrumental music course...

Learning how to perform the ornaments is a basic knowledge that will help you in the future if you continue practicing BFM. The odd meters are quite impressive for the audience. They will help you to build a specific inner feeling about different metric pulsation, including various rhythmic models and applying the ornaments on it. The six pieces that we included in this course are classic compositions of BFM. You will be able to add them to your personal repertoire list.

The first online course contains 15 videos. On each page they are separated. Please follow them consistently to reach better results. If you are now facing the platform, please check out the section VIDEO or BEGINNERS.

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Enjoy your training! 

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