The Benefits of BFMNM

If you are just about to meet the online platform BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC FOR NON-FOLKLORIC MUSICIANS (which I’m going to label BFMNM) here it is – just a short resume about the benefits that the platform offers you.

  • First of all, you should know that the main part of this platform are the two basic sections: the Online course, called “BgEthnoLab” and the section “Sheets”.
  • Furthermore, you can use the sections “Articles” and “Video”.
  • The online platform BFMNM, with all of the sections is a source of specific information and educating materials mostly in the field of BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC (which I’m going to label just BFM).
  • These materials are intended to a musicians (professional or amateur), who are looking to enrich and upgrade their knowledge and skills with something new, something different, out of the genre that they have been working until now.
  • All the materials are in English, which makes them quite accessible to anyone who can communicate, using this language. That is important because here in Bulgaria we have some textbooks, articles, repertories and scientific works from different Bulgarian authors. We know that it is really hard to use it in Bulgarian language and something more – it is really hard to find them in digital format online.
  • BFMNM gives the ability for a whole year round education in the specifics of BFM from all over the world, in a time and space that’s suitable for you, only using the internet communication.
  • The methodology in the online course “BgEthnoLab” is innovative, all created by the authors of the platform. We can proudly say that it makes a new step in the process of teaching in this unique traditional music folk style.
  • The exercises are developed in a way that allows the assimilation of the specific of BFM easily from musicians who does not have any experience and any technical skills in that traditional folk style.
  • The materials are intended to singers and instrumentalists.
  • BFMNM offers sheets, developed with a software for note materials and I assure you that they have been prepared really precise and accurate, as in the sheets are marked all of the smallest elements that makes this music unique. Unfortunately, when we take a look at most of the sheets we have about BFM we may find that many of these specific elements are often missed. This is a huge problem and we do not have to discuss it now. If you are interested to learn more about that, you can check the article “The problem about notification of BFM”.
  • Except the information available at BFMNM, the platform gives the possibility for a feedback to the administrators of the site and the authors in case if the students and visitors need to ask for some additional information.
  • At the end – something that is also important: the price for the online course is not renewable. You pay for it just one-off price. After you are registered, you become a member of the club BFMNM and you get an access to the educating materials: video lessons, practical exercises, hearing and note examples. You will have the access for unlimited period, at any time and space, from all over the world.

It’s important to mention that visiting seminars, workshops, master classes and any other forms of teaching that gives you the possibility for a personal contact with lectures and teachers and also allows you to have a live demonstration and personal attention will be great, of course. However, having in mind that some of these forms of meetings are usually one time of year, sometimes even rarely, in this form of online education we are giving you the possibility to learn in details about BFM. And let’s say it again – this process can be achieved whole year, from all over the world in a time and space that’s suitable for you. About the duration of the practice and how often you want to do it – it is up to you. It all depends from your desire, motivation and free time. After you have the chance to practice and work on it whenever you want and how long you need – this can be very useful for your forward meetings and individual training with your teacher. This is meaningful for your personal growing and it will make the educating process much easier not only for you, but to your mentor too. In this platform, we submit a totally available form of an education of a non-folkloric musicians in the field of BFM and we can help to those who want to enrich their own style of performing with something new and different and to make their phrasing unique and recognizable.

First of all, before you go ahead and start to use the platform I suggest to pay attention to the articles: “BFMNM – for whom it is appropriate” and “Basic requirement for training with BFMNM“.

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