Bulgarian ethno music

Dear colleagues, if you are interested to learn some Bulgarian compositions – you may need some sheets. Learning only by the method of hearing and imitating is not suitable for this traditional ethno music. The problem about notating our folk music is huge. Here in the platform BFMNM we are trying to resolve it as we offer innovative manner of notating the melodic line. As you already know, our music is full of ornaments. That makes it hard to write it precisely. We think that we are on the right way and we offer our own type of notation. Using the materials that we included in the platform every educated musician is going to be able to read the notes freely and to get much closer to the traditional specific style in his interpretation.

If you think that you are already well prepared and you don't need to learn with the online course, then you can get MUSIC BOOK 1 and work directly on the compositions.

We are planning to upgrade the sheets in the future. Furthermore, if you have your favorite Bulgarian piece – you may share it with us. We’ll prepare the sheets for you if that’s possible.

On our Facebook page you can meet other musicians with same interests as yours.

In case that you are interested of the music book but you find the compositions quite difficult – the ONLINE COURSE may be really helpful.

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