Welcome to Bulgarian vocal music course 1! This course is designed for singers, but can be useful to al kind of musicians, who are interested to develop their vocal skills and to acquire some new techniques. The methods of teaching are quite innovative, as well as the educating materials.

bulgarian vocal music

What you receive?

In this course you will be able to master:

  • four basic ornaments - typical for Bulgarian folk music
  • two types of odd meters - 7/8 and 7/16
  • 10 Bulgarian folk songs

In addition you get:

  • 7 warm-up exercises - containing some ornaments
  • 26 technical exercises for ornaments - developed exclusively for this course
  • Note examples
  • Sound examples
  • Theoretical explanations of the specific elements
  • FREE download Music workbook Bulgarian Folk Singing - Course 1
  • Access on all your devises 



PRICE:    € 450
/full course one-off price/

More about Bulgarian vocal music course 1

This course is based on popular Bulgarian songs. They are carefully chosen from different authors and different regions of the country. The material is focused mostly on mastering the specific ornaments and sound producing. The course offers 20 lessons - 1 astronomic hour each. You may choose between 1 or 2 times a week lessons, depending of your free time and motivation to learn. During the educating proses we use a live video streaming connection. We offer personal attention to all your needs and questions. Furthermore, you get detailed explanations about the specific elements and live demonstrations. All the included songs are not just training materials, but real compositions that you may add to your personal repertoire list.
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