Bulgarian Folk Music for Non-folkloric Musicians 

Dear visitors, welcome to Bulgarian Folk Music for Non-folkloric Musicians. In case if you are interested what it is all about – you can proceed to the Introducing video at the right side. Maybe you are looking to incorporate some ethno inflection and phrasing into your own musical vocabulary and improvisation. If so, we are here to help you!

In case you think you need some unusual, strange, unknown instruments – NO! You can practice on non-folkloric instruments. Bulgarian folk music is a separate genre. In the middle of the last century modern instruments stepped in our tradition. As a result, most common are clarinet, accordion, violin and other. Guess what? You can play on your own instrument. First of all, you can learn how to perform Bulgarian traditional folk pieces. On the other hand - you can just take some elements and incorporate them in your own unique style. Online Course 1 for instrumentalists reveals basic information about most common ornaments. The ornaments are this integral part of the overall sound picture, which makes Bulgarian music so impresive, unique and recognizable.

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BFMNM - Introducing video

First of all...

Before starting the course, we suggest to take your time and check all the materials in the sections VIDEO or BEGINNERS.

We hope you are going to have a great experience meeting Bulgarian folk music!

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  1. Patric Cvoren says:

    The instrumental course is good! Thank you for the detailed explanation of the ornaments!

  2. Bilyana Sokolova says:

    Браво хора! Поздравления!

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    Sounds interesting!

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