Bulgarian folk music online course! Choose from Instrumental or Vocal music! Follow the links bellow to understand more about what you receive by getting your course! Check all the information in the section VIDEO or BEGINNERS!

Bulgarian Folk Music Online Course

BgEthnoLab is a section of BFMNM. It offers two Online courses for Bulgarian Folk Music. The courses are designed for instrumentalists and singers depending of what you need to work on. The methodic in both of the courses is totally innovative, created by the authors of the platform. Both of the courses contains 15 lessons, offering precisely prepared note materials, published in two Music workbooks. Music Workbook 1 (for instrumentalists) and Bulgarian Folk Singing 1 (for singers).

The training process is based on technical exercises and popular Bulgarian folk melodies and songs. They are carefully chosen form different authors and different regions of the country. The courses are intended to educated musicians who need to upgrade their knowledge and skills in other unique ethno style. No matter of the music genre that you have been working until now - it may be suitable for everyone. For more information, check the links above!
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