the benefits of BFM 0

The Benefits of BFMNM

If you are just about to meet the online platform BULGARIAN FOLK MUSIC FOR NON-FOLKLORIC MUSICIANS (which I’m going to label BFMNM) here it is – just a short resume about the benefits that...

BFM - for whom it is intended 0

BFMNM – for Whom It is Intended

Dear colleagues, in this article I’m going to explain who could use the platform BFMNM and the Online course “BgEthnoLab”. This is something really important to be well known before you join our club...

the interest to bulgarian folk music 0

The Interest of Non-folkloric Musicians

Practicing BFM from professional (educated) and nonprofessional (amateur) musicians in Bulgaria is a natural process. Even most of the amateurs here are playing that music on a good level. Some of them became icons...