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This music workbook is designed to go along with the BgEthnoLab section of the Bulgarian Music for non-folkloric Musicians platform.

Part I (pages 4 – 16) outlines 5 commonly found Bulgarian ornamentations: Upper Mordent, Lower Mordent, Trill, Turn and Turn Mordent. Via the included examples the student can become familiar with these ornaments and how they fit in traditional Bulgarian Music.

Part II (pages 18 - 35) contains six traditional pieces that feature these five ornamentations:
- "Dudino Horo” by Boris Karlov;
- “Dobredzanska Tropanka” folk melodies arranged by Anatoli Benchev;
- “Pravo Pazardzishko Horo” by Traycho Sinapov and Dinitar Paskov;
- “Suhodolska Rachenitza” by Traycho Sinapov;
- “Daychovo Horo” by Strandzanska Group;
- “Koopanitza” by GeorgiYanev.

In Part II the ornamentations are written out note for note and meant to be applied to the indicated melody notes quickly and in real time. Part 1 and Part 2 will be essential to learn the notation and meanings of the ornament signage and they should not be skipped for best learning results.

In Part III (pages 37 – 49) there are 2 ensemble pieces: “Dudino horo” (for accordion and violin) and “Pravo Pazadsishko Horo” (for accordion and clarinet).

In Part IV (pages 51 – 64), the same compositions are featured but this time the note for note transcriptions of ornaments are now replaced with their signs. It is advised that the student refers back to Part 2 constantly while becoming familiar with these pieces and the ornaments placement throughout.